Content Is KingContent Is King

There are a number of factors that can influence the search engine ranking of any given web page. iComEx knows that chief among these factors is the page content itself. The old saying that "Content is King" is very true. The content of your web pages is the very food that is consumed by both search engines and human readers alike. Its what makes your page worthy of a search result position. Therefore, you have to start with good content. OK, so "what is good content" you ask? All good content has two primary characteristics in common: it must fulfill a need and, it must be linkable.

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Supply & Demand

Content is the consumable information commodity of the Internet. Like all other world marketplaces, information is subject to the law of supply and demand. Great content is that which does the best job of fulfilling the largest demand. For instance comedian Jud Laipply's Evolution of Dance video has nearly 300 million views, or perhaps's top 50 all-time favorite dinner recipes. Good cotent could be your text, an image, a soundbite, a video and much more. The common thread here being that it must fulfill a specific need.

Like Follow MeLinkable, Likeable, Clickable

There is no real difference between the best and worst content on a web site, from an SEO point of view, if it is not linkable. If people can’t easily link to your content from other web sites and blogs, or like and share it in social media, then the search engines are not likely to rank it very well at all. That means the content will not drive traffic to the website as hoped. This sort of thing happens all too often. Some great examples of this include: image slide shows powered by AJAX, content that is only accessible after logging in to a site, and content that can't be reproduced. Content that does not fulfill a need, or is not linkable, is bad in the eyes of the search engines—and most likely some people, too. So, let iComEx make sure your content is finger-clicking good!

Page Elements Optimized - per Moz.comOther Pieces On The Board

Here are the pieces of a well optimized web page:

  • Uniquely valuable content
  • Crawler, spider, bot friendly and accessible
  • Provides an exceptional user experience
  • Keyword targeted
  • Designed to be shared through social media
  • Responsive, multi-device ready
  • Meta date inclusive

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