tldsDomain Name Expiration Procedure

Have you ever wondered why you can't register a domain name even though it is past it's expiration date? Have you allowed your domain name expire, but now you want to renew it? Here is the process that a domain name will go through after it has expired and is on its way to deletion from the domain registry.

Domain Name Registration

An internet domain name may be registered for up to a ten year period. Even upon renewal the domain name registration period can not extend past a ten year period. United Kingdom (.uk) domain names can only be registered for up to two years at a time.

Domain Name Expiration Date

Shortly after a domain name goes past its Expiration Date the domain name will be deactivated. Once deactivated, all domain services including any web sites and email services will no longer resolve to their service, and will cease to function. The domain name may be renewed during this period. However, once renewed may take 24-72 hours before the domain services will start to function again.

Domain Name Grace Period

For a period of approximately 40 days from deactivation the domain name will be in a "Grace Period". During this time the domain name will not be active and may be renewed by it's original owner without paying any additional fees.

Domain Name Redemption Period

At the end of the Grace Period the domain name will enter a 30 day Redemption Period. The Whois information (name, address, telephone numbers, etc.) will be deleted. The domain will still be inactive. The domain name may be renewed only by it's original owner for fee of $105 + regular renewal fees. It is a manual process for the registry to add the name/address information back into the domain registry records. This manual process may take several days to complete.

Domain Name Deletion

Five days after the end of the Redemption Period the domain name will be deleted from the registry and will be made available to the public for anyone to register.

Although a domain name will not function after the Expiration Date you may still renew your domain name for up to 70 days. Please be aware that there are significant fees to renew the domain name after the Grace Period and during the Redemption Period.

Additional information concerning the Redemption Period can by found at the ICANN web site.

Is your domain name in "Redemption Period" status? Here are a few suggestions to enable you to regain control of the domain name:

Request the current registrar of your domain name to retrieve the name. This will require you to pay a large redemption fee in addition to the regular renewal fees.

Register a new domain name.

Use an automated service such as to backorder and recover your domain name. will monitor the registry and attempt to register the domain name for you within moments of it becoming available again.

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