If your email address are exposed to the public internet in any way, whether its participation in newsgroups, discussion boards, file sharing networks, or even just posted as a means of contact on your web site, then you are guaranteed of having your email address harvested by the robots employed by spammers. Even signing up for something, or buying items from some web sites can lead to address being sold as part of a list. Once in the wild, it gets passed around fast.

There are several important things to remember about spam:

1) Protect your email address from exposure to the best of your ability;

2) NEVER attempt to unsubscribe from, or attempt to contact someone to be removed from, a spam email list. The only thing you will succeed in doing is verifying that yours is a good deliverable email address. It will be placed on a hot list and sold to other spammers immediately.

3) 54% - 59% of all internet email traffic is spam.  Though iComEx employs the MXguardian system, there will always be pieces of spam that find its way through the system. You may need to adjust your filter setting in MXguardian to be more aggressive if your are getting too much junk.

iComEx has clients in states across our nation such as Colorado, Louisiana, Oregon, and many others.